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    Zibo Vacuum Equipment Plant Co., Ltd.( hereinafter referred to as: “ Shuangshan vacuum”) is situated in the heart of Zibo city, Shandong province. We are one of the leading manufacturers of industrial vacuum pumps in the world. We design, engineer, produce and sell vacuum pumps.

    Our brand " Shuangshan " is the leading standard for liquid ring vacuum pumps in the Far East. Our company president is the Chairman of China Vacuum Industry Association. The company has the province's vacuum industry research and development  center, which is responsible for all the research conducted in the vacuum field. This lab is the most innovative and high-tech lab in the province of Shandong.We are the leader in the vacuum field for the nations key projects.  We export to Germany, United States, Australia, Indonesia, Middle East, France, India and other countries.

Our Products:

-           liquid ring vacuum pumps,            -   Rotary vane vacuum pump,

-          Reciprocating vacuum pump,           -   Vacuum dryers,

-           Vacuum system,                         -   Dry type vacuum pump,

-          Vacuum integration projects.


    The company was founded in 1959 by the state and was first in the Chinese vacuum industry. In 1996 the company established a joint venture with Germany’s SIEMENS company. Together they created SIEMENS Vacuum Pump and Compressor Co. Ltd.

In April 27, 2000 The company became privately owned and renamed the company to “Zibo Vacuum Equipment Plant Co. Ltd”. The company passed the ISO9000 and quality management system ( ISO14001 ) in 1996. It also passed environmental management system 2004 and GB/ T2800-2001 occupation health and safety management system certification.

Our company has taken the leading role in development projects of Shandong province. Our company has undertaken and issued 4 national standards and 10 industry standards. We continue to research and develop new technologies and equipment, making us one of leaders in the industry.


    Mr. Huang Yi Has been our president for the past 23 years. He has overseen tremendous growth in the company. In the past decade he has initiated the expansion of the company, making it a global brand. The company has also made incredible strides into the international markets since Mr. Yi is at the helm. We have recently opened up an office in North and South America to service all the clients in the two continents.

Our goal is to become one of the major international brands and be a leader in the vacuum industry. We want to be the brand that gives the customers the best value for their money ” - Huang Yi.


        ISO 9001 QMS Certificate of Registration

        ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certification

        OHSAS 18001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System Certification

        CE Certification

        Certificate of High-tech Enterprises


        China Vacuum Association executive director

        China General Machinery Industry Association Vice-Chairman

        China General Machinery Industry Association Vacuum-branch Chairman

        China General Machinery Industry Association Dryness-branch Vice-Chairman

        China General Machinery Industry AssociationPump-branch Vice-Chairman

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