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2SAT\2STC\SKC Series Vacuum Pumps
2SAT\2STC\SKC Series Vacuum Pumps
2SAT\2STC\SKC Series Vacuum Pumps

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2SAT/2STC/SKC Series Vacuum pumpstechnical features:
a.  Distributor adopts cone structure
b.  Area of suction and discharge port end enlarge, flow resistance minish, the speed of pumping enhance, saving-energy .
c.  The base exhaust structure reduces the bearing stress, prolong the service life ,   safe and reliable.
d. The pumps are especially qualified for the the condition of high dust gas, including the soft fiber unclean gas, with partial liquids gas, the high temperature gas, virulent or caustic gas and so on , widely applied in electric power, papermaking, petrochemical, coal etc industries.

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