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Energy-saving vacuum system for power plant
Energy-saving vacuum system for power plant
Energy-saving vacuum system for power plant

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I. Back ground of products

At present, vacuumevacuation equipment for the large turbine condenser are mostly water ring vacuum pump, in the vacuum system design and selection, mainly to meet the quick start and the maximum allowable leakage rate as the basis for selection.

Under the low vacuum operation, the outstanding advantages of water ring vacuum pump is the ability of the high efficiency, but the performance is subject to the influence of water temperature, So in the summer,when working water temperature is high, and pumping capacity will decline,reducing the efficiency of the turbine. At the same time, the long-term operation in the the ultimate vacuum, not only cause low efficiency and high power consumption, but also incur cavitationin the pump chamber. So it is very necessary to carry out the transformation of the vacuum system of the condenser by using energy-saving technology.

Roots water ring vacuum system is one kind of high vacuum system, which can be is used in power plant condenser pumping vacuum system  to replace the traditional single stage water ring vacuum pump.

II Features of roots- water ring vacuum system

  Roots - water ring vacuum system can avoid the pumping capacity decline in summer to optimize the work of the steam turbine efficiency, system running smoothly, improve power generation efficiency.

  Roots - water ring vacuum system can reduce working hours to improve service life, reduce the maintenance cost.

III. Project

1. Implementation plan 


2. Roots-water ring vacuum system supply range

3. Installation

4Electric control

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