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The fire safety of the enterprise is a huge responsibility

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摘要:The fire safety of the enterprise is a huge responsibility

    In order to enhance the fire safety awareness, reduces and eliminates fire hazards and improves fire resistance of all employees. Under the high attention of company leaders, we invited district fire brigade staff to conduct a comprehensive fire knowledge training for all the staff of the company in the afternoon of June 13th,2018, at the same time, we also organized our staff to carry out the fire fighting simulation practice. According to the guidance of the firefighters, we did the quick extinguishing of the fire. The exercise was effective. After the meeting, the general manager of the company awarded a silk banner for the fire brigade and took a group photo.

(At the scene of the training)

(Fire drill 1)

(Fire drill 2)

(The general manager awarded a silk banner for the fire brigade)

(group photo)
    By training, the staff can further familiarize themselves with the knowledge of the safety, they also can improve their own safety protection and emergency handling capacity for emergencies, and it can effectively reduce accidents and losses. It has a profound influence on the company's future safety production work.
    As an enterprise, we should attach importance to safe production and take precautions in case of emergencies, so that we can achieve a "win-win" of benefits and security.

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