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Emphasis on quality and integrity Fulfill social responsibilities Make users satisfied

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摘要:ShuangShan vacuum commitment to the whole society quality and credibility

Respected market users and friends from all walks of life:

    Quality is the comprehensive reflection of the life and productivity level of an enterprise; reputation is the foundation of the sustainable development of an enterprise, and is the unquestionable honor given to us by consumers! In order to promote the product quality, promote the reputation of "Made in China" and win the satisfaction and trust of consumers all over the world, we, as representatives of enterprises, solemnly release the following promises to customers in the social market and to colleagues in the vacuum equipment industry in China:
     1. under the leadership of Xi Jinping's socialist thought with Chinese characteristics in the new era and the spirit of the Nineteenth National Congress of the CPC, honoring honesty and trustworthiness, shaming self-interest and forgetting righteousness, making honest and trustworthy operation the common idea and code of conduct of all employees, focusing on brand, standards, reputation, service and efficiency, giving full play to the "quality" of enterprise development The main role of the "month" activity, combined with its own reality, actively carry out the national "quality month" activities.
      2. abide by discipline and abide by the law, operate in good faith, and establish an honest and trustworthy self regulatory mechanism. Strictly abide by laws and regulations, abide by contracts, ensure quality, resist counterfeit and inferior products, such as fraud, dishonesty. No counterfeiting, no selling, no false propaganda, conscientiously fulfill social responsibility, take the initiative to accept the supervision of the whole society, consciously respect and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, actively cooperate with the supervision of government supervision departments, through our unremitting efforts, strive to make every consumer use of safe and reassuring products.
     3. Implement total quality management, pursue excellence, unremittingly strengthen technological innovation and quality improvement, and constantly improve the quality of products and services. Efforts should be made to improve the quality management level, establish and improve the quality and safety management system, strictly comply with the requirements of the new ISO 9001:2015 quality management system and implement the product quality standards, and implement the quality control in the whole process of raw material procurement, manufacturing and processing, painting, inspection, storage, transportation, sales and service.
      4. Facing the development environment of economic globalization, we should actively adopt advanced quality standards to provide global consumers with satisfactory products and services. We should constantly enhance our ability of independent innovation, constantly improve the level of technological research and development, actively adopt new technologies, new materials and new equipment, develop new products, actively adopt international advanced standards, strive to overcome new highs of technological standards, strengthen the quality management of the whole staff, the whole process and the whole range, and realize the innovation and development of "Made in China" Exhibition.
      5. Consciously accept the supervision of consumers, government and society, support the self-discipline management of the industry, and regard the fulfillment of quality commitments, the pursuit of first-class service, and the pursuit of quality and integrity as the development goals of the "double mountain vacuum".
      Ensuring quality and safety is the moral bottom line of enterprises, and constantly improving the quality level is the responsibility and obligation of enterprises. Here, we solemnly propose to all sectors of society: to improve quality requires not only the efforts of enterprises, but also the participation of the whole society. It is hoped that the whole society will strengthen quality supervision, support and promote enterprises to take the road of honest management, and maintain the reputation and image of "Made in China" products. Let's work together to create a good social atmosphere in which the government attaches importance to quality, enterprises pursue quality, society advocates quality and everyone cares about quality, and strive to improve the quality and service quality of our "Shuangshan Vacuum" brand products to a new level.

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