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The company celebrates the party's birthday series

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摘要:The company celebrates the party's birthday series

      On the day of the 97th anniversary anniversary of the party building of the Communist Party of China, the Party committee of the company organized a series of "theme party day" series of Party members to make each party member a full commemoration day. In order to give full play to the leading role of the advanced Party branch and the outstanding Communist Party members, and to strengthen the party education and the party's grass-roots organization construction. Further promotion of "big learning, big research and great improvement" has played a positive role in promoting. 

      The company party committee organized party members to visit the "Yuan Shan hard and hard undertaking Memorial Hall", learning the spirit of "hard work and innovation" by the original mountain people, convened a summary and commendation Conference for Party construction work, and commended the advanced Party branch, outstanding communist and outstanding party worker, and the party committee secretary summed up and deployed it. The work of the Party committee of the company has put forward demands and hopes for all Party members; at the meeting, all the members of the party listened to the typical speech made by the advanced Party branch and the outstanding communist party members, and revisited the oath of the party, watched the special education film of "my country", and deployed the party members' physical examination work.

      Through the development of the above activities, the party members of the company were subjected to a profound political thought , to improve the party members' political placeholder, adhere to the problem oriented, increase problem rectification, and promote the implementation of the grass-roots party construction better, strengthening the consciousness of the masses of party members bear, take the lead, dedication, to promote the company's production, sales, science and technology innovation, xishan modification work better and faster advance will play a positive role.

      The Party committee of the company calls on all Party members and the staff to work together and work hard in the second half of the year. In order to fully complete the objectives and tasks identified by the company in the whole year, it will contribute to the overall development of the company's various causes.
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