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How to choose correctly the water ring vacuum pump ?

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摘要:How to choose correctly the water ring vacuum pump ?

    1. Selection of the vacuum pump type. The type of vacuum pump is mainly determined by the required capacity, vacuum degree,or discharge pressure . When we select the pump s,we need to pay attention to the following two aspects:

    1) Pump should operate in the high efficient range, that is to say,pump should operate in the limit of critical vacuum or critical discharge pressure.

    2) Pump should notoperate near the areaof maximum vacuum or maximum discharge pressure. Otherwise, the pump operation in the area is not only inefficient but also unstable and easy to cause vibration and noise. For these vacuum pumps with high vacuum degree, cavitation will often occur in the area, and the obvious sign of this phenomenon is that there is noise and vibration in the pump chamber. Cavitation may cause damage to pump’s parts such as pump body and impeller, which may lead to pump can not work normally. According to the above principles, when the vacuum degree or gas pressure is not high, it can be preferred in the single stage vacuum pump. If the vacuum degree or the exhaust pressure is high, the single stage vacuum pump is often not satisfied, or it requires that the vacuum pump still has a larger pumping speedunder the high vacuum, that is to say, the performance curve is more flat when the vacuum degree is higher, then the two stage vacuum pump can be selected. If the vacuum degree is above -710mmHg, the water ring -air ejector or water ring- roots vacuum system can be selected for the process condition. If only vacuum pumps are used, the single acting vacuum pump is better. The structure of the single acting pump is simple, easy to manufacture and maintain, and it has good cavitation resistance in high vacuum condition. If it is used only for a big pumping speed of compressor, the double acting vacuum pump is more suitable. Because the double acting pump has the advantages of large pumping speed, small overall and light weight, the radial force can be automatically balanced, and the shaft is not easy to produce fatigue fracture, and the service life of the pump is longer.

     2. Selection of the vacuum pump size(specification) according to the pumping speed required by the process condition.

    After selection of the vacuum pump type, the vacuum pump size (specification)selection should accord to the pumping speedrequired by the process condition. For the selection of pumping speed and calculation of pumping time can be referred to: Vacuum calculation formula.

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