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 I. Equipment technical service

1.Specialized after-sale service office, in charge of after-sales service work, equipped with professional engineers for customer service, provide 24-hour service hotline, 0533-4159149 400-017-1008.

2. After the arrival of the goods, company  will promptly sent engineers to the scene with the buyer's representatives together to check before acceptance.

3. Sent engineers to guide and participate in equipment commissioning and acceptance.

4. Sent engineers to provide training for operation and maintenance.

5. Guarantee to offer the preferential price to the buyer for maintenance parts.

6. Company will replace the damaged or defective parts in 5 days after receiving the buyer's notice.

7.Ensure to provide timely service according to the provisions of the contract.

8. In the quality guarantee period,company provide the free warranty, life-long warranty for equipment maintenance. If there is a fault or damage caused due to the goods, company will provide free repair or replacement, replacement of the goods warranty period will be extended accordingly. 

II. Quality assurance

1, We guarantee that the goods are brand new and unused, is made of first-class technology and the best materials, and in full compliance with the requirements of the quality, specifications and performance as stipulated in the contract. Should ensure that the goods provided by the correct installation, normal operation and maintenance of their service life. In the quality assurance period,company is responsible for any shortage or fault in the process of design, process or material defects.

2, If the equipment does not meet the requirement on material, according to the buyer’s standard test test results or the local commodity inspection department inspection results, the buyer shall make notice in writing in order to put forward a claim as soon as possible

3, In 24 hours after receiving the notice from buyer, company will give confirmation for repair or replacement of defective goods or parts.

4, If within 30 days after receiving the notice of buyer, company does not not make up for the defects, the buyer may take the necessary remedial measures, company will bear the risk and cost.

5, Quality guarantee period for equipment is the delivery after 12 months,if due to company negligence (such as the design mistakes, bad for manufacturing, such as improper), resulting in equipment at the scene appears defective or damaged,company will provide free repair or replacement. Warranty period of equipment,components or spare parts repair or replacement is 12 months after operation, or arriving work site 15 months.

After-sales service assurance measures

1, Strengthen quality management, establish and improve the quality control system, to ensure to provide qualified products. To ensure products to meet the requirements of the relevant standards or contract requirements, substandard products will not leave the factory.

2, Ensure to provide after-sales service.Provide products introduction, the performance and operation requirements, provide the relevant technical documents for users. As soon as find quality problems, make the processing opinion within two hours after the receipt of the notification from the user.

3,  Ensure the "Three Guarantees":During the period, as long as find quality problems, company will provide the repair kits for free.

4, Company will accept the user supervision during the manufacturing process. In the delivery of the products, sent technical service personnel to participate in unpacking inspection, guidance equipment installation and commissioning until the normal operation of equipment.

5, If the equipment is not in the warranty period,company will ensure to provide maintenance parts, and provide maintenance services.

    Company ensures that the equipment will operate normally as long as the equipment is properly installed, the normal operation and maintenance in the life cycle. In the warranty period, the company shall be responsible for any equipment quality problems arising from the design, process, installation or material defects. And be free of charge for repairing or replacing defective parts and extending the warranty period.

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